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Man Holding The Moon

Man Holding The Moon

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Inspired by the breathtaking "Christ the Redeemer", this unique painting is a personal resilience journey.

"Man holding the Moon" is a beautiful one-of-a-kind painting that depicts a man holding the moon in a landscape surrounded by love and redemption. Created by artist Diana Twig in 2024, this acrylic painting on canvas measures 30cm by 24cm and is ideal for those who appreciate contemporary art, biblical themes, and figurative expressions. The painting comes with a Certificate of Authenticity issued by Diana Twig herself and is signed by the artist. It is unframed and features a modern style that combines art deco, expressionism, and impressionism. Handmade, using acrylic painting production technique, this painting is a true masterpiece that will add character and charm to any art collection.

Material and Measurements:

  • Dimensions: W-24 cm, L-30 cm, H - 1cm / W- 9.44 Inch, L -11.81 Inch, H - 0.39 Inch
  • Medium: Acrylic on Canvas Board
  • General: Unframed, ready to hang, signed on the front

Embrace the emotions captured in this handmade acrylic creation, a testament to overcoming challenges and finding strength in the divine. #artforsale #acrylicpainting #inspiration #oneofakind

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